Monday, February 28, 2011


Ok, I understand that everyone has to make a living and there is no shame in doing a little bit of sideshow work just to get by, but if you are going to do a dumb and crazy job for a living, at least have some common sense.
This video shows an alligator wrangler performing for an audience, doing what an alligator performer does, but I guess just messing around with the alligator the whole time wasn’t enough for the crowd. The alligator wrangler gets the bright idea to stick his head inside the alligator’s mouth as big finish, to get the crowd into the show.
Long story short, the alligator bites down on the mans head and the alligator puts him into a death lock. I don’t care if it makes for a more exciting show, he should have known better than to stick his head into an alligator’s mouth. A newborn baby knows better than to stick their head into an alligator’s mouth, because the most logical scenario to happen next is the alligator trying to bite your head off. I hope that no one else in the world is dumb enough to stick their head in an alligators, because more than likely your head will be bitten off.

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