About Me

My name is Jarrett Murphy and I am a college student in Salisbury NC. In general, I started this blog for my online publication class, because I am an aspiring writer and a communication major, who wanted to get more experience in the online writing field. I came up with the idea for my blog after thinking about the various things that I like to watch online with my free time and thought it would be interesting to share my views on certain topics. By doing this blog I hope that people who show an interest in it will get a taste of my type of humor and understand that I never take anything to serious and try not to hurt anyone feelings while I am illustrating my views through my blog. 
This is a blog about extraordinary individuals who decide to make dumb decision and show their outrageous behavior for the entire world to see. In some cases, these individuals might look like they are under the influence of certain substances, but whether they are or not, ill leave that up to my followers to decide for themselves.