Monday, April 18, 2011

Bad Parenting

These two little kids are really smoking! I can't believe anyone would just stand there and let a seven and five year old kid smoke like they just see this everyday. I want to know where their parents are, because if that was mom or my dad and they seen me smoking at that age, I wouldn't smoke again, because I wouldn't be alive. Some people do not need to have kids, I wish I was there so call social services and get everybody arrested who was just standing there.


  1. Well... that's not healthy.

    There actually is a kid in India who is only 2 years old and is already smoking a pack of cigarettes a day! Pretty Crazy Stuff...

  2. Wow that is just wrong. Crazy how our culture and other cultures differ so much.

  3. As a parent I cant describe how much this bothers me. To think these two little kids will probably have lung cancer in a few years and for what cause their parents let them do this